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More than 650 years of combined history


"A collective heritage of over 650 years."

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More about our history


The world is changing very fast. Borders are fading. Adapting to this new reality is essential for success. With over 650 years of combined heritage and flexible approach, we take part in this challenge. Our heritage is what we breathe and what we are well known for. Our roots are unmistakably European, just like our long history.

The recent acquisition by Boluda added a new chapter to the history of Kotug Smit Towage. As from 1st August 2019, we are part of Boluda Corporación Marítima. Under our new name Boluda Towage Europe, we are still providing tailored towage services in the major European ports, always putting our customers’ needs first. And continue to lead them safely into the harbors.

After our incorporation in the Boluda Towage Division, we can benefit from the support of a ship-owner with a very strong maritime heritage. Boluda Corporación Marítima was established in 1837 and is a family-owned company. The company started its port tug activities in Valencia (Spain) in 1920. With the recent acquisition, Boluda Towage stands for a collective heritage of over 650 years.

Nowadays, Boluda Towage is one of the world’s leaders in maritime services. The company has a worldwide presence and operates a fleet of more than 300 tugboats in 90 ports in 15 countries of Europe, the west coast of Africa, America and the Indian Ocean.

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With about 650 years of combined heritage, we are passionate about assisting ships safely. Our large fleet of tugs provides tailored towage services in multiple European ports. Through operational efficiency and flexibility, we focus on our customers’ needs and understand their expectations.


We believe that towage is all about people. The success of our company depends on the people working for us. Their contribution, their added value to the organisation and their willingness to commit to our core values are all highly valued. Our culture, our conduct and our business approach are based on five core values: passion, professionalism, respect, cooperation and flexibility.


This themes are high priorities within our organization.

The key driver is to continually improve our standards in safe working with the goal of zero harm to the people or the environment.

It is our duty to execute operations conform contractual and regulatory requirements meeting customers and stakeholders’ demands.

Health & Safety

We have the objective to provide a safe workplace and prevent incidents by identifying, eliminating or mitigating risks and hazards for all our employees and customers. Also our crews make sure the tugboats are always in the best state, both mechanically and looking their best.

Quality standards integrated

We deliver sustainable towing service, which is leading in the market it was required to embed the quality standards into our management system, manuals and day to day practices. With having this embedded into our culture we can deliver a high level quality service. The applicable aspects of the ISO 9001:2015 standard have been incorporated into the business culture of the company.

Our Integrated Management system systematically describes controls and assures with the aim:

  • To work in accordance with the quality procedures and to meet the contract agreements
  • Safe working methods, in order to prevent accidents, anticipate and reduce risk
  • To meet law and regulations
  • To continuously improve our HSE-Q performance

Commitment to the environment

Transportation over sea, rivers and in the ports is continuously growing in Europe, as waterways are not cluttered (yet) and the scope of the hinterland expands all the time. With all new type of fuels and emission restrictions it is one of the cleanest ways of transportation out there right now. And a healthy environment is a safer environment.

As the leader of the pack we see it as our responsibility to actively come up with solutions for waste and energy efficient engine use.

Our most tangible commitment to the environment and emissions reduction, are our five hybrid tug boats. Thanks to their batteries and electric motors, these tugs are sailing very efficient and eco-friendly, delivering fuel-savings and optimizing working conditions for the crew.

We commit ourselves also to the highest standards in environmental protection, e.g. International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL). The Convention includes regulations aimed at preventing and minimizing pollution from ships - both accidental pollution and that from routine operations.

When our tugs are berthed, they are connected to power from ashore, which helps to reduce harmful emission. So the entire supply for power comes from electricity, which is not generated by burning fossil fuels. Our tugs burn solely very clean Gas Oil (DIN EN 590), which is equivalent to what is suitable for diesel cars. We never use any sorts of duel fuels, therefore our sulphur emission is kept to a minimum and that applies for anytime all the time.

It is company’s policy, which is supported by corresponding sailing directions that tugs should proceed with eco speed (7 knots) to and from the job. Our crew receives special training to help them reducing the emission by thoughtful manoeuvring and commanding the tug.

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We care for our people. We mix crews, to share experiences. Vast experience and latest knowledge come together, calm seniority and eager young blood. Even when it comes to the youngsters on our tugs, as they are mentored and trained by our most experienced tug master.

Training programs for our crew take place both in our simulation centre and real live on the tugs.